“No Worries, Mate”: International Internship

I had an unforgettable experience traveling to Bali, Indonesia and Byron Bay, Australia. I am continuing to enjoy my internship, taking on more responsibilities and learning more each day.

I am so thankful to have been able to travel to Bali for a weekend. I was hesitant at first to go somewhere so far, for such a short time period but it was completely worth it. Some incredible things we did were see a monkey forest, visited many temples, went on a waterfall tour, toured rice terraces, visited a beach and ate the local food… in just two days! The most surprising thing was when I took out $100 USD and received 1.4 million Indonesian Rupiah and everything was extremely cheap– I barely spent the money I took out and I bought many things including transportation, tours, a tour guide and food. I enjoyed planning the trip with the friends I’ve made in Sydney. Making arrangements and navigating in a developing country on such short notice, has given me confidence for future international travel.

The weekend after Bali I traveled to Byron Bay, a coastal town that is a very short plane ride north of Sydney. It felt like summer weather in Byron. This was a chill weekend filled with relaxation on the beach, exploring Australian cafes, vintage shops and the famous lighthouse coastal walk. It was refreshing to be in a calm, warm beach town compared to the hustle of China town in Sydney.

Both of these trips would not have been possible without the flexibility of my boss at my internship. I was able to switch around some of my hours and all my coworkers in the office were excited about my travels. This internship has been incredible. I’ve noticed more and more how relaxed everyone in the office is. They all joke around with each other and there seems to be very little hierarchy among all of the employees. Their work-life balance and great attitudes are things that have rubbed off on me. I am much more relaxed and less stressed during work and class here than I probably have ever been. They often say, “no worries, mate” and my boss called me a legend after I did a “job well done”.

I have been given more responsibilities and I feel that they are trusting me with more and more. For example, I asked for more work and was given the task to re-write copy of a new tour they are offering. I was able to make the tour sound more interesting and get future customers excited about traveling on Ultimate Travel’s tours. I was then given more and more writing projects for their website. I also had the idea, during a meeting, of writing a blog to explain exactly how to take a working holiday in Australia, something I have never heard of prior to this internship. You can read the blog I wrote here! I loved writing for their website and I’ve decided to take an extra class next semester in writing to improve my writing skills.

I am continuing to schedule Instagram and Facebook posts to grow their social community and increase online presence, using social media insights to create an optimal posting schedule, as well as measuring engagement and develop marketing strategies and many more exciting things. I’ve especially enjoyed learning and seeing pictures from around the world through the tour pictures I’ve been editing from this travel company.

This international internship has opened my eyes to a more relaxed way of getting work done, the importance of taking the leap to travel outside of Sydney and making lasting relationships… aka mates.