Learning About My Family History

My Grandfather on my Dad’s side

My Grandfather on my Mother’s side and my Grandmother on my Father’s side both passed away while I was very young, so I don’t have any memories of them. I’ve seen pictures and heard stories, but I don’t really know very much about them. I would be very interested to know more about who they were. I also have no knowledge about my great grandparents, so I would like to know more about them as well. I don’t necessarily know of any interesting ancestors of mine, but I know that my Grandfather on my Dad’s side was in the military, so I would like to know more about which branch, what his responsibilities and rankings were, and what wars, if any, he fought in. I don’t know the specifics about where my ancestors came from or when they came to America. I’m not even sure where my grandparents grew up, although I am assuming that it was in or near Pennsylvania. There are lots of things that I would be interested in knowing more about when it comes to my ancestry.