The Great Famine

The one part of Irish history I wish to learn more about regards the Great Famine from 1845-1852. It is common knowledge that the Great Famine had a tremendous negative impact throughout Ireland. What is fascinating and intriguing is the global cause and effect that lead to the Irish culture that was established in the United States. Under an oppressive British rule in the early 1800s, much of Ireland was living in poverty, and they relied on potatoes for their primary food source. When an invasive fungus rendered this crop obsolete, it forced two million Irish to leave Ireland, most of whom came to America. In my high school education, not much was said about the conditions of Ireland during the famine and the British influential factors that lead up to it. Much of what I learned was about the discrimination the Irish immigrants faced when they got to America. By visiting Ireland, I can hopefully learn more about the effect the British rule had on Ireland, and more precise details of the famine.