Take Your Guinness Time

Guinness Enterprise Centre is a business startup incubator with office and desk space for rent that has recently grown into a powerhouse in the industry of European startup incubators. Facing an increasing amount of incoming companies, GEC’s greatest opportunity is the amount of companies moving into the space in Dublin, which they can take advantage of to rent office space. The 10 million euro expansion they announced shows that they are open to housing new office spaces, and will be taking in many of the headquarters that move to the “Silicon Valley of Europe,” Dublin. The greatest challenge they will face is the challenge of maintaining a steady flow of clients as some startups die out and others move to greater success. GEC will need a steady flow of companies moving in and out of the industry to be successful. I’d like to ask GEC what they are thinking of in terms of acquiring new clients and creating new business opportunities with the expansion they’re doing.