Vertucci – August 6 – Guinness Enterprise Centre

In preparation for your site visit to the Guinness Enterprise Centre, we will hear the following theme throughout the presentation (which is part of a quote in the article above) – “the power of entrepreneurship and the impact that it can have on the community, which benefits everyone.”  In short, individuals and organizations who are interested in community economic development often focus on supporting small entrepreneurs who are seeking to launch interesting new ventures in certain neighborhoods or in the geographic area of a city like Dublin.  Based on your quick review of the article on the Guinness Enterprise Centre, identify one commercial opportunity and one commercial challenge they are addressing in their efforts to support the development of local entrepreneurs in Dublin.

One great opportunity for Guinness Enterprise Centre is to support the local colleges’ entrepreneurs because college students are all looking for employment after graduation. With the help of Guinness Enterprise Centre, the rate of employment within a few months of graduation will increase. In addition, the younger generation is typically ale to bring fresh ideas to the table, especially ideas related to technology.

One challenge Guinness Enterprise Centre faces is expansion. More people will need to be hired, and finding talent is a challenge. An estimated 1500 jobs will be added so this is no easy undertaking.

Finally, acting as members of consulting teams that might choose to write a group paper about the commercial opportunities and challenges connected to the Guinness Enterprise Centre, what specific questions do you have about the business model for the Guinness Enterprise Centre that relate to our course material (Triple Bottom Line and sustainability, market segmentation, maximization versus shared value, etc.)?  Give us a specific question for tomorrow’s visit.

What types of businesses does Guinness Enterprise Centre typically help? Are the entrepreneurs usually young professionals or older experienced professionals? How does Guinness Enterprise approach environmentally sustainable business ventures?