Feng Huang Mountain

Not too long ago, I had a really great opportunity to travel to a place outside of Harbin for two days called Feng Huang Mountain which is about four and a half-hour drive outside of Harbin. Feng Huang Mountain is a big tourist destination where people all around China come to Feng Huang Mountain and hike it to see the breathtaking views. When hiking it, there’s manmade paths and trails so it is a very safe and “relatively” easy to hike. To prepare for this trip, I actually did not need to do much (besides packing a night’s worth of clothes, sportswear, sunscreen, etc.) because CET paid and provided for just about everything. CET provided transportation, all the meals, entrance tickets, and the hotel. In my opinion, the weekend trip was very well planned and facilitated so I did not really run into many obstacles, it was a smooth trip. 

I mentioned in my previous post, I do not have much time to travel within and outside of Harbin so, in my opinion, this was a really, really nice trip and break from the intensive classes back at Harbin. It was also a really great opportunity to bond with the other CET students and their roommates because again, everyone pretty much back in Harbin has an action-packed schedule. But of course, the language pledge is still in effect, so I still had that burden on me. This trip unlike my other previous experiences in China, this was the first time I really got to see the countryside of China and experience rural life in China. I got to see the Chinese mountain ranges of the Heilongjiang Province, the infrastructure of the countryside, interact with rural Chinese people, and even one day, woken up by a rooster crowing. The two days at Feng Huang Mountain, I got to hike two different trails. The first day the path we hiked was called Daxiagu and the second day we hiked Gaoshan Huayuan which translates to the flower garden on top of the mountain.  Daxiagu was more difficult than the Flower Garden hike because it was a little steeper and harder of a hike, but both days were just as scenic and fun. An interesting part of the trail on the first day at Feng Huang was, at a part where we start to descend. You could go down a slide instead of hiking the trail down. I would not mind going down the slide at the time, but the slide cost money and I wanted a hike as much and get in a good workout.

Daxiagu starting point
Top of Daxiagu
Descending part of Daxiagu
Sunset from my hotel room
Feng Huang Mountain Flower Garden View