Microsoft Ireland

In preparation for your site visit to Microsoft Ireland, the short video reflects several of the points that Professor Darren Kelly made regarding the business environment in Ireland (and specifically Dublin) being a great setting for expansion into Ireland and Europe due to the combination of strong employee talent, favorable corporate taxes and the promise of a strong economy over time.  Based on your quick review of the YouTube video on Microsoft in Ireland, identify one commercial opportunity and one commercial challenge they are addressing at Microsoft Ireland.

A commercial opportunity Microsoft Ireland is taking advantage of is access to young talent. They employ individuals from all over the world, which brings different perspectives to the table. Ireland is a vibrant and fascinating city, which makes it a great place for young, well-educated people to work. A commercial challenge Microsoft Ireland is addressing is the need to expand outside of the United States and to diversify. Building in Ireland has given the company easier access to Europe and Asia and the ability to connect with people all over the globe.

Finally, acting as members of consulting teams that might choose to write a group paper about the commercial opportunities and challenges connected to Microsoft targeting Ireland as a destination for commercial development, what specific questions do you have about the business model for Microsoft Ireland that relate to our course material (Triple Bottom Line and sustainability, market segmentation, maximization versus shared value, etc.)?  Give us a specific question for tomorrow’s visit.

What makes Microsoft Ireland different from the Microsoft headquarters in the United States other than the location? How do you promote sustainability when many technological advancements are created through processes that harm the environment? Who is your main targeted market segment currently/what portion of the population utilizes the majority of your services? Are there any new markets you would like to target in the future?