Introduction – GBI London

My name is Harrison Poutre and I am a Marketing and Supply Chain management major in the class of 2021. I am extremely excited to be returning to London for the fall semester after a short visit in July to watch my favorite Baseball Team, the New York Yankees, play in the MLB London Series. Outside of the business school, I am an active member in my fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu and I am an operations manager for a business lending firm. I am excited for this opportunity to study abroad for an entire semester.

I will be completing the GBI London program for the Fall 2019 semester. I chose to study abroad in London due to it being a vibrant, diverse, and exciting city. Living outside of Manhattan my entire life, London has a similar vibe with people always on the move, never ending events, and many opportunities to explore. I am also excited to study abroad in London because it is easy and affordable to travel to different cities throughout Europe. Although my flat will be located 25+ minutes from my classes, commuting to class will not be an adjustment for me as I commute daily to midtown Manhattan, which is around an hour door-to-door for me over the summer.

 I chose the program in London because it will allow me to seamlessly continue my coursework while gaining new insight.  My first learning objective is to develop a global mindset. I think that studying abroad will help me better understand how others view Americans as well as the vast array of cultural differences that exist in order to be a more effective marketing executive.  The second learning objective is to challenge the way I think about problem solving.  Another point of view from a different culture may allow me to think about new ways of doing things or completing tasks.  The third learning objective is to develop intercultural communication skills.  This is a necessary for success in today’s business environment and I am excited by the opportunity to interact with other students from different universities attending the program as well as British citizens.

I also plan to travel throughout Europe so I hope to gain a better understanding of how to interact with people of other foreign cultures.  I think this experience would benefit me professionally as well by allowing me a better understanding of how to interact with other cultures.  I am most looking forward to exploring different cities and I am a bit of a foodie, so finding the best food in London and other cities will be priority!  I can’t wait to take off! Cheers!