Home Sweet Home

For this semester, I am living in the residential neighborhood of West Kensington. My roommate and I are right across the street from a large conference center called Olympia London where they hold numerous different events such as RuPaul’s Drag Con or the Olympia London International Horse Show. We are also a short walk or bus ride away from Kensington Palace and the surrounding park. My roommate and I are living in an apartment building that is mostly full of other Americans studying abroad although there are possibly a few Londoners or other travelers as well.

It is really nice because it is just the two of us so it is not too hectic or crowded but the downside of this is that our flat is quite small. It is technically a studio so we have a couch in our bedroom and bunkbeds! Having bunkbeds is one challenge we are facing because they are so old and creaky that when one person moves, the other wakes up right away. Another challenge is that we have no dryer and the washer is so small! Doing laundry in the US is very different from doing it in our flat here. I don’t think I’ve ever had to coordinate with my roommate to do laundry just to make sure that we have enough space on the drying rack. One more downside is that since we are living with Americans, it can be hard (but not impossible!) to meet British or other International students. If meeting International students is one of your goals, I think you just have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone!

On the other hand, I love how close it is to the CAPA Center (where classes are held) and to my internship. Classes are only 25 minutes away if I want to walk or two tube stops and my internship is only around the corner from the CAPA Center which is very convenient. Also, I love how close we are to some really interesting museums such as the National History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Additionally, we are only about a mile away from Kensington Palace which I am really excited about because some of the school’s staff members have told us that the motorcades drive by sometimes and the road has to get shut down. The monarchy is such a beloved institution in Britain and it is really interesting to be so close to one of the palaces. All in all, I am really enjoying the flat because of the close location to monuments and interesting museums as well as the fact that it is so convenient for me as a student and intern!