Welcome to Darling Harbor

Hey everyone, my names Alonzo Johnson and I am in the second semester of my freshman year (junior by credits) at the University of Pittsburgh. I am currently studying abroad with CAPA in Sydney, Australia while working towards receiving a bachelors degree in marketing by the fall semester of 2021. While in Sydney, I have been looking for internships with a professional sports team in or around the Pittsburgh area, as after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh I would like to work in the marketing department for a professional sporting organization.

I actually found out that I qualified for the study abroad program this semester a week before the application deadline. As a result of that I did not have a lot of time to choose which program and city I wanted to go to, so it had to be a gut decision. I was able to narrow it down to the Global Business Institute, and then it became down to London or Sydney. I ended up with Sydney with because I figured London was just a six hour flight away from the east coast, but I may never get the opportunity to come back to Australia. After being here three weeks I feel like this is one of the best decisions and experiences of my life and I couldn’t have chosen a better program to go with.

The specific program I am involved with is called CAPA: The Global Education Network. While they have offices and programs in Boston, London, and Rome, their Australian office is located in Ultimo, Sydney, New South Wales. The building is where all of our classes and internship workshops are held. It is a beautiful spacious building that was once a church, so the architecture and stained glass windows are very detailed.

After just three weeks in Sydney I can tell that this experience will be life changing and one of the most important highlights of my life. I believe that personally studying abroad will make me even more responsible and ready for life after college. Every meal you have here you either have to buy or make yourself. When you study abroad not only do you have a full kitchen and access to an actual grocery store, you don’t have the safety net of a dining hall if you don’t have anything to eat. Also, most students class schedules are usually just two to three days a week, you have almost complete control over your free time. Academically I am hoping to not only get straight A’s but also improve my time management skills. The classes here usually require less work outside the classroom, however class periods are 2.5 to 3.5 hours long. Finally, though I am not participating in an internship, I believe studying abroad will help me greatly in my professional career. Being able to put on your resume that you left your home country for three months shows you have responsibility, initiative, and overall it sets you apart from many of your competitors.