Commute in London

Hello, I wanted to talk about my commute in London to the CAPA center as well as to my internship. I was fortunate enough to have a good central location for my housing, reducing my time commuting. I live in Earl’s Court, and I am about a 10 minute walk to the CAPA center. I was very lucky to get to live this close to the CAPA center, as I heard from other students that their commutes to the CAPA center were much longer. The walk itself is also pretty straightforward, it takes me a couple minutes to reach the main road called Cromwell Road. After I get on to Cromwell it is straight shot to the CAPA center. What is nice is that Cromwell Road has plenty of options for food between classes. There is a large grocery store about a 5 minute walk from CAPA and plenty of small places to grab a bite to eat. Normally there is about a 15 minute break in a class which allows you to get something to eat. In regards to my commute to my internship it is longer than the commute to CAPA. My internship location is in East London, located by Whitechapel and just off a road called Brick Lane. It is about a 5 minute walk from my residence to the Earl’s Court tube station. From there, I take the district line eastbound to Aldgate East station. I get off at Aldgate East and it is a little less than a 10 minute walk down Brick Lane and to my internship location. Overall, the commute is about 40-45 minutes depending on how busy it is. When I get on the train it is the peak of rush hour so the train is very busy. There are times where the train is so busy you physically cannot get on it. This is something you have to get used to, as pretty much every morning it is close quarters. As I get closer to my stop it thins out a little bit, but it is still fairly busy. It is also important to monitor the Transport for London website and alerts they send out. On several occasions, there has been significant closures on several tube lines. These generally occur on weekends but do happen on weekdays as well. A couple weeks ago the tube station by me, Earl’s Court, was completely shut down. Luckily Transport for London sent an alert so I was prepared. Another valuable asset to all transport in London is the City Mapper app. It is very simple, you just enter your current location, and then enter your desired destination and it shows you a bunch of different routes you can take. It gives detailed instructions on what tube stop to go to and what train to take. It also gives up to date train times, and has really helped navigate the city’s transport. London transport is pretty efficient, and so far have had minimal difficulty navigating my commute. Until next time, Mike