If I Became a Sydneysider…

Sydney has been an amazing place to live and learn this semester. The people and cultures here are so diverse and the city itself is very clean and modern. Being here for almost two months now, I have had plenty of time to think about how I would live here if I became a full time Sydneysider.

Firstly, picking a place to live here is not as easy as it may seem. There are so many amazing neighborhoods all throughout the city, from the quiet streets of Ultimo, where the CAPA Sydney Center is located, to the bustling streets of the Central Business District and the tourist hotspots like Bondi Beach. But if I had to pick just one place to live, it would probably have to be the suburb of Manly. Manly is located just north of the entrance to Sydney Harbour, about a 20-30 minute ferry ride from the CBD, (which by the way also provides some of the best views of the city). The neighborhood is home to Manly beach, a popular beach for surfers and frequented by locals. There are also tons of cool shops and restaurants and occasionally outdoor markets with fresh street food and unique items for sale. There are also parts of Manly with quiet streets lined with quaint houses along more private beaches and coves. Manly is a place my friends and I have been to multiple times during our time in Sydney and we definitely plan on going back a few more times before the end of the semester.

In terms of a professional career, there is a mix of young start-up companies and large established corporations headquarter here in Sydney. I would probably first like to work for an established company here first just to get a feel for the corporate environment in Australia before hopefully working in a leadership position at a smaller business later in the future. In my current internship, the workplace is very informal as we are dealing with customers who are mostly college-age, so I think it would be beneficial for me to understand and gain experience in a more formal, corporate environment before making a determination on exactly what kind of business I would want to work for in the long term.

Daily life living in Sydney is not a huge adjustment from the United States, but there are still differences that make this city unique. For example, tipping is not a common practice here, people walk and drive on the left, and conversations tend to be very friendly and informal even in more formal situations. Although I have only been here in Sydney for a couple of months, I could definitely see myself living here long-term because of the amazing people, places, and experiences I have encountered here. Sydney might be the perfect place for you too, but don’t take my word for it, come visit and see for yourself!