Arrivederci Firenze

Ciao, this is my final blog post on my experiences in Florence, Italy. I am extremely sad that my program was cut short because of the corona virus, but I will cherish the time I got in Italy forever. It is heart breaking to see how different Italy is now (and the rest of the world) because of the corona virus, but I know things will get better. I would have never thought that this was going to happen when I first left for study abroad. 

I was able to learn a lot from the two months I spent in Florence. By pushing myself outside my comfort zone, trying new things, and learning a lot, I obtained transferable skills that I can apply to future jobs and interviews. First, I learned the importance of adaptability and how it is important to be able to adapt quickly to a situation. Businesses all over the world had to quickly adapt to a new reality because of the corona virus. I learned to be adaptable by deciding to study abroad and to live in a completely new country without knowing anyone. I had to adapt to the new environment by making new friends, exploring the city to feel more comfortable, trying new things, etc. Each day studying abroad was a new experience, and I had to adapt to each situation. At times, I felt homesick, but I had to push through it and adapt to each situation I was presented with. Also, when I unexpectedly found out I had to return home when things were getting bad in Italy from the corona virus, I had to adapt to the situation. I was on my spring break when I found out I had to go home, and I had to find a flight home for two days later and get back to Florence to pack all my belongings. I didn’t get to say bye to some of my friends, professors, and the study abroad staff and I had to leave as soon as I could. Also, I learned to be adaptable through online classes. This semester took a major turn, and I had to adapt to the situation. 

Furthermore, I learned to be resilient. I was extremely upset that I had to leave Florene, but I had to think about the situation in another way. I thought about how it would be better if I was at home with my family during a pandemic, and that I am lucky to have been able to spend almost two months in Florence. However, it did take some time to get to that point. Once everything gets back to normal from the virus, businesses will have to be resilient and bounce back. 

Other transferrable skills I learned while abroad include time management, self-reliance, and problem solving. I was faced with a variety of experiences and I was able to achieve a lot in result. I cannot imagine what else I would’ve learned if I was able to spend an entire semester abroad, but I am extremely grateful for the experiences I had. 

I enjoyed blogging this semester, and I hope you enjoyed reading my posts.