Work from Home

This semester has definitely not gone the way that was expected. Unfortunately, I was unable to study abroad in Germany during my senior year spring break. But, this doesn’t mean that I have no take-away’s from the class.

Despite being unable to meet our client in Germany, I learned so many things from my Consulting class. My biggest takeaway is adaptability: being able to accept the circumstances you have been given and still being able to produce an amazing product. While this experience has not been the foreign travel trip I was hoping it would be, I still still gained the professional experience of being flexible and being able to adapt to new situations. My group and I continued to work hard at home, continued to keep great communication, and continued to meet every deadline; even when our motivation was low. We were able to be flexible with new deadlines and stay motivated even though we were forced to work from different locations.

This takeaway, flexibility/adaptability, is a transferable skill I will be able to continue to use and develop as I enter the workforce after graduation. Life will never be exactly as you had planned, so it is important to be able to still thrive in unforeseen circumstances. As I enter the workforce, I will not be discouraged if I am thrown unknown obstacles. I will take every experience and adapt myself so I can succeed and make the best of each scenario. This will show employers that you are able to work hard and learn from mistakes and problems that you are given.

Due to the experience, I will be able to tell employers about how, despite not being able to travel, I was still able to produce and incredible deliverable for my client. I will tell them that, even when the exciting part of the class/job was taken away, my group-mates and I did not falter and give up all of our work and motivation. We worked together to Zoom each other multiple times a week despite different time zones and schedules; we continued to communicate with the client effectively; and we continued to rework and revise our deliverable until we deemed it above satisfactory–something we thought would highly impress our client.

For any future students who wish to take this class, I recommend always looking for the silver lining. Things don’t always go as you had planned, so you can’t let yourself break down at every inconvenience you face. My trip happened to overlap with an unforeseen pandemic, causing the travel portion to be cancelled. Despite this, I had an amazing time working with Meade and my group: I couldn’t have asked for better people to spend the semester with. Always make the most of what you are given, even in bad times.