End of the Journey

There is no doubt that this class has greatly impacted my undergraduate experience and I am excited to see how it will influence my professional life. Regardless of having the opportunity to study abroad, I am beyond thankful I was given the opportunity to be a apart of this class.

A major takeaway I have learned from this semester long class is that in the professional business world, you have to learn how to ride the waves. Despite setting high expectation deadlines and following through with objectives, anything can happen that can drastically change tomorrow. Despite the countless disappointments caused by COVID-19, I have experience and learned that you have to look for the silver linings in life, and continue to pursue your goals.

This semester, my class and I set forth to deliver manroland Goss a full status report of their current social media platforms, gather research for opportunities in their market, and present recommendations that would strengthen their company and ultimately grow their marketing audience. Despite not having the opportunity to visit Germany and meet with our client to gain clarity and form relations through the project, we were determine to follow through with our work and conquer our goals.

Taking our class online was a huge adjustment, but most likely the best experience to learn how to conduct a project in a business economy turning digital. Over zoom, my classmates and I worked together and showed resilience to continue meeting our scheduled deadline and learning how to work together hundreds of miles apart. Despite not necessarily leaving the country, we still gained an experience of “studying abroad” from each other and our international client.

It’s overwhelming to think about how drastically COVID-19 has impacted international business, which up until this point I honestly took for granted how intricate networks are formed and rely on each other. But the reality of the fact is that business will be impacted forever as we have all learned that technology can serve as a place for digital meetings and communication. I’m thankful to have had this experience in this class as I feel ahead of the wave with the ability to complete a project remotely that will impact a company across the world.  

Taking a class that serves an international client has been an eye-opening experience that looking back I couldn’t imagine not having. Learning how to communicate with people who speak a different language, live across the world, and have different cultural backgrounds have opened by eyes the world. I will forever be thankful for this class, Meade, and my friends who I had the opportunity to work with this semester.