Quite the Experience

I feel like I have grown so much from this class, and what I have gained most is the opportunity to work with wonderful students and an amazing professor to develop deep educational, professional, and personal relationships with each person in the class. I learned about communication, working together, and allowing every team members’ strengths to come through to create a wonderful final product that I think we are all very proud of.

Despite not being able to travel, I feel I have still gained plenty of transferrable skills from this experience. One of the greatest strengths I have developed is flexibility and patience. Obviously, it was very devastating and disappointing news that we would not be able to go abroad as part of this experience. Adapting and using our resources and community support was a beautiful thing to witness in such a horrific time as this.

Although I did not receive the same experience I was expecting, I think in a professional interview, I would focus most on the work that we did, which was all very independent. I would mention working with another group of students, highlight what I learned about communicating virtually with a professional from another country, and explain how my experience will pose useful in that job.

My advice to other students taking this class is to be yourself from the very beginning and learn to become comfortable being uncomfortable. Get to know your classmates early on because you will quickly grow to depend upon one another. This class is very unique and different from many of the other classes that I had taken at Pitt Business. Most of all, you get out of it what you put into it.