Final Blog – Germany

Projects in Marketing with Meade has taught me a lot of things over the course of our semester together. However, the biggest takeaway I took from this class is how well a team can work together. While we were not able to go to Germany as planned, our team managed to conquer that hurdle and work closely together even while we were remote. It showed me how successful a team project can be when they do not always have that reputation. Meade has done an incredible job of making our class as flexible as possible and aiding us in our project when needed.

This class taught me how to be adaptable during these changing times when we were not able to travel. There were adjustments we had to make as a team to ensure that our final deliverable would still be completed as planned and on time to our client. These transferable skills will aide me in the future in times of disruption because no project will always go as intended. It has forced me to enhance my communication and our cooperation skills as a team.

In a professional interview, I will be able to explain this project as an eye-opening experience. This pandemic has shed light onto how businesses around the globe are impacted and how some can easily fail because they are not prepared and cannot adapt. I will be able to say that I learned how to be flexible, a fast learner, and an effective communicator to ensure that our project does not simulate that of the struggling businesses. As our course was meant to reflect a real-life consulting team, it proved that we too are impacted just like the professional consultants are. We thought the meetings setup in Germany were crucial for the success of our project, so we could discuss our questions and plans with the client. However, we managed to prove to ourselves that while that was a hindrance, it did not stop the success of our project.

For those that wish to take this class in the future, I highly recommend they do so, especially with Meade. Meade has been a phenomenal teacher and an excellent guide as we tackled this project. She was with us every step of the way, but was hands off enough to allow us to come up with our own ideas and questions for the client. This course has given me an incredible experience of working for a real client that not many students are able to do while still in school. It gives me the ability to tell professionals that I have worked as a consultant for a business and was able to complete our task as expected and on schedule given the setback of the pandemic. I highly encourage other students to take this course or any projects in marketing course, so that they too can gain this ever-so-desired experience.