Leave Meeting: The End of My Haller Experience


Wow, my time in the Haller Global Honors Fellowship really went by in a flash. I can say with confidence that these past two weeks have been the highlight of my summer. Despite all of the changes to what the program was supposed to entail as a result of the current pandemic, all of the people who helped organize and run this program really helped provide me with a fun and interesting learning experience.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I had serious concerns about my lack of business experience going into the fellowship program. These worries were quickly eased however, when the consulting project actually began. For one, the assistance given to me by Dr. Raymond Jones as well as Tony Gomez really made me feel more prepared and confident when it was time to give my final presentation to our client, Gerry Delaney. Furthermore, I now have a much better understanding of what working in business entails, which was one of my primary motivations for participating in this fellowship.

One important thing I learned about during these two weeks was how to develop a scope of work. Before the fellowship, I had never heard of a scope of work much less know how to formulate one. In this program, I was taught how to organize a document which indicates the purpose of my team’s research, provide a list of project objectives, and what deliverables we will provide by the end of our project. Not only was this scope of work helpful for our client to better understand the information we presented by the end, but it also acted as a guide for me and my team to follow throughout our time working on the project.

Not only was the project part of the program very enlightening and educational, the different business professionals we met with throughout the program was also a much appreciated aspect of the program. We met with a number of people working in different corners of the business world. One person in particular that I greatly appreciated listening to was Jacque Skowvron who has lots of experience working in the sports industry. As someone who has aspirations of one day working in sports business, I found learning about Jacque’s experience incredibly insightful. In general, hearing from many different people who work in business has given me a better understanding of how to develop my brand as a business student. Furthermore, this experience also provided me with some of my first opportunities for networking within the business community.

All in all, I very much appreciate the opportunity I have been given to participate in the Haller Global Honors Fellowship. This experience was not only a great way for me to meet other incoming freshmen, but also a great launching pad for my future career in business. Additionally, due to the fact that this program had to adapt to a virtual setting I was able to familiarize myself, and develop my skills in virtual communication. This is a skill that will likely be of great use to me down the line in all aspects of my life. If anyone is looking into gaining business experience abroad, I highly recommend the Haller Global Honors Fellowship.