IIP in Dublin

Hello, everyone! My name is Jillian Duve, originally from Buffalo, New York. Currently, I’m a Junior transfer into the College of Business Administration. My major is Finance with a certificate in International Business, also on the pre-law track. Prior to transferring into the College of Business Administration, I was enrolled in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. Since I plan on attending law school after earning my undergraduate degree, it seemed pursuing a degree in the liberal arts was an obvious decision (my initial intended major was Political Science). However, I started questioning my initial decision to study Political Science while in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. Simply, if I weren’t to attend law school, what degree would I feel most satisfied and secure with? I always knew I had a business-oriented mind; both of my parents work in business. Plainly, the world of business made sense to me. Since finalizing my decision to transfer into the College of Business Administration, I’m very pleased to have made the switch. The material I study seems worthwhile to me, empowering me to feel like a valuable asset. Moreover, the College of Business Administration offers numerous personal and career development opportunities to its students—the International Internship Program (IIP), for example.

Aside from my academics, I’ve gained valuable professional knowledge through work experience, previous internships, and professional affiliations. My first definite professional development in business was being a marketing and outreach intern for University Pediatric Dentistry, a local chain of pediatric dentist offices based in Buffalo, NY. There, I coordinated and prepared the marketing and outreach events for local schools and non-profit organizations. Furthermore, I developed blog posts for their corporate website, focusing on topics related to oral health and pediatric dentistry. When I enrolled at University of Pittsburgh, I took a part-time serving position at Stack’d, a restaurant in Oakland, to earn money while in school. Being a server, I’m responsible for managing multiple tables at a time, consistently taking orders, serving, managing bills, and providing quality experiences for customers. From serving at busy times in the restaurant, it trained me to implement problem solving strategies, in order to assist co-workers and ensure the customers received orders promptly. Also, while being a student at Pitt, I joined Pitt’s Professional Law Fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta. During my first semester as a brother, I was elected for the Vice President of Service Office. In this position, I maintain and manage the responsibilities for consolidating and participating in the organization’s service activities—the main contact for connecting with Pittsburgh’s local non-profits. As the VP of Service, I hope to achieve a feeling of inclusivity and support within the professional fraternity. Through the chapter’s involvement in service events, I believe a community has been created and the brothers have been assured on why they initially joined Phi Alpha Delta—to feel solidarity during such an arduous time.

Originally, I learned about the IIP from scanning Pitt’s study abroad opportunities on their website. Always, I’ve been interested in study abroad, attracted to a unique opportunity. Furthermore, I read the IIP’s specific details, thinking about how befitting it sounded for me. I was charmed by the idea of an international work opportunity, interacting and performing with people of another culture, allowing me to expand my personal perspective and worldview. After acknowledging my interest, I completed the necessary steps to be accepted in the program, selecting Dublin as the city to work with. My maternal grandfather is from Ireland and Irish culture always seemed appealing and attention-grabbing to me, motivating my decision in choosing my IIP in Dublin. Additionally, I felt more comfortable working in an environment without a language barrier, since I’m no expert in any specific foreign language.

While consulting with my EUSA internship advisor, we discussed what field I’d prefer my internship to focus on. I spoke with her about my intention to attend law school, while also studying finance beforehand. Therefore, any opportunity relating law and finance suited me. Keenly, she matched me with the DCU Business School as an intern in the Anti-Corruption unit. After receiving this news, I was extremely pleased with this match because it intertwined both of my interests. The position entails policy relevant research, involving international trends in corruption. The company’s work has been published in leading international journals across economics, political science, management, and law. Hopefully, while working with the company, I’ll gain experience in law and policy, simultaneously applying financial principles to my projects and duties. Clearly, I’m looking forward to building professional relationships and increasing my professional development.