On the Way to Dublin

Greetings! My name is Claire Resick and I am a Junior transfer to the College of Business Administration. I started my Pitt journey as a Chemistry major in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences which is where I also earned a minor in Korean language. I am currently majoring in Accounting and Business Information Systems. While I will miss the lab, I decided to join the business world because I want to have international career opportunities.

Academically and Professionally, many of my experiences up until now have been in the Dietrich school or in my local pharmacy. I was able to perform some genuine research on bacteria isolates extracted from soil around campus. The lab course was a part of the Tiny Earth project. Unfortunately, resistance infections are becoming a serious issue and the goal of the project is to have students help in finding new antibiotic compounds to combat resistance infections. Additionally, have two years of experience as a pharmacy technician. The position helped me to gain many soft skills including teamwork and leadership which I hope will be useful in the accounting profession.

Personally, I have a passion for travel and language learning. I enjoy getting to know a new place and I believe that language helps one to understand a new culture in addition to allowing them to speak with others that do not speak their native language. I formally studied Chinese and Latin in high school where I learned a lot about both Chinese and anicent Roman culture. Though my Korean studies have interrupted my knowledge of both, I hope to resume my study in Chinese and learn even more languages. I tend to spend some time watching TV shows and YouTube in my chosen language as a fun way to practice. However, I also enjoy art, history, and of course chemistry!

Due to my transferring during the pandemic, my academic and professional business experiences are slim. My goals for the IIP program is to gain some work experience in my major as well as expand my knowledge of the world. I chose to intern in Dublin as I want to start learning more about Europe and how they conduct business. My host company, StayCity Aparthotels, is an international mid-range aparthotel company with a presence in five countries across Europe. They provide apartment-style hotel accommodations for long-term business and leisure travelers. Currently, the company maintains 8,000 keys centrally located in major European cities. Their goal is to expand into more countries to reach 20,000+ keys in operation by 2028. I will be working with their accounts payable team to help manage their accounts across all of their locations. My team so far as been very welcoming, and I’m excited to join such a friendly workplace. I personally hope that my time at StayCity will teach me more about Ireland and that I will make some new connections all long the way.

Off to Dublin!