GBI Virtual Internship: Marketing in Sydney, Australia


Hi everyone! My name is Claire Beaudry and I am a rising junior for fall 2021.  I am from Baltimore, Maryland and am following in my parents’ footsteps as a University of Pittsburgh student!  I major in Marketing through the College of Business Administration and will obtain a Classical Civilizations minor through the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.  I will graduate this spring and go to graduate school for a Masters of Finance.

            When I first came to the University of Pittsburgh, I was in the School of Nursing.  In my second semester, I transferred into the College of Business Administration as I realized that I was more passionate about the business world.  Since my transfer, I have joined multiple on-campus student organizations to expand my knowledge and make more connections.  I am a member of the American Marketing Association and Women in Business.  Outside of these student organizations, in my free time I like to spend time with my friends and family, exercise, and make jewelry. 

            When it come to my professional experience, I have had multiple internships, but none of which had a relevance to my financial interest.  During the fall 2020 semester I interned for Bytelion, a local software company in Baltimore, Maryland, where I gained experience developing social media content to draw people to their blog posts and track the success of each post through Google Analytics.  While I enjoyed my time working with Bytelion, my role did not relate to my interest in finance in any way.  Due to the difficulty of finding an internship that ties in my interest of marketing and finance, I turned to the study abroad office for help.  They helped along with CAPA to match me with a company that could give me the experience that I have been searching for.  Through the GBI virtual internship, I am excited to have the opportunity to work with Sass Financial/ Sugar Momma TV in Sydney, Australia.  Although I initially had the interest in working an internship abroad, due to the pandemic, the remote internship seemed to be the best option for myself as I would still get the opportunity to have international experience before I graduate.

            For my internship, I will be working on the social media end for Canna Campbell, who is a Financial Planner with a large social media presence.  I look forward to gaining soft skills in the coming weeks, like improving my virtual communication and hard skills of making edits on podcasts and videos.  I also am excited to learn more about finance through reviewing the videos and audio clips I will be tasked with editing.