Learning in London, Interning in Ireland, Working from Home

Hi! My name is Anita Rzewski and I am a rising junior at Pitt Business. At Pitt, I am majoring in Marketing, minoring in French, and pursuing a certificate in Digital Media.

Outside of the classroom, I am mainly involved in one student organization called Studio 412. Studio 412 is Pitt’s one and only lifestyle and fashion magazine. There, I have been able to write and direct content to be posted online, in-print, or on the magazine’s social media platforms. In addition, I am a lover of the outdoors and enjoy hiking, running, and skiing.

I have an interest in pursuing a career in the fashion industry, thus, most of my professional experience has been centered around that. Since I was 17, I have worked in a couple sectors of the fashion industry with experience ranging from working in a traditional retail store to working in a corporate office. This being said, the virtual Global Business Internship is the first internship that I have ever had.

I wanted to pursue a Virtual Global Internship for several reasons. Not only did I want another opportunity to explore the fashion industry, but I also was looking to gain real-world professional experience that I could take with me to future opportunities. In addition, the virtual global internship provided an unbeatable opportunity for me to further my global competency skills from the comfort and safety of my own home. Developing these skills are important to me as I grew up in an international family, making it only natural that one of my careers goals is to work for an international company where I would have the opportunity to interact with people from across the globe. I will be developing these skills as I intern for an Irish start-up company called Glask. Glask is a company that designs and hand-makes ethically sourced and sustainable face masks made specifically for people who wear glasses. While interning with Glask, I will be helping them develop a marketing and social media strategy.

To help me better contextualize the skills I am learning through my virtual internship, I am also taking an International Marketing class based in London. While international marketing is also available as an elective at Pitt, I thought taking it with the Global Business Institute would be more beneficial as it provides a broader perspective to the world of marketing.

With the combination of my virtual global internship and GBI virtual course, I am sure that by the end of these six weeks I will feel more prepared to enter into the global workforce.