GBI Virtual Internship – Sydney, Australia

Greetings everyone! I am Benjamin Zhu, a rising junior at Pitt for fall 2021. I study Global Management and Supply Chain, and I also minor in Economics and Applied Statistics. I am from California and I live in the beautiful sunny region of southern California. My decision to come to Pitt stemmed from my curiosity to venture out to the east after staying on the west coast for the duration of my high school. My passion for adventure and exploration has never been greater as college opened up a new window of opportunity for growth and learning. Ever since coming to Pitt, I have made friends and connections that I will never forget. I met many nice people and there is still so much more to explore in the city of Pittsburgh.

While on campus, I have had the great opportunity to be involved in several student organizations. Primarily, I have been involved in Enactus, a student organization focused on entrepreneurship and social impact, where I got the chance to work with a local startup. I am also a general body member of the Society for International Business, where I got to learn more about study abroad resources at Pitt. Moreover, I am also the business manager for the Chinese American Student Association. There, I was able to meet awesome people and was humbled to share a similar cultural background and identity. Outside of the classroom, I am also actively looking for volunteering opportunities, and I have gotten my share of volunteering services through PittServices. Academically, I am an ambitious and self-motivated student. Through my classes at Pitt, I learned to become a more business-savvy student and individual. Ultimately, nothing beats the great pool of talented individuals that I was able to meet in the classroom.

Professionally, I have had a couple of insightful experiences. During my first year summer, I interned with Pitt Business as a marketing researcher. I was responsible for compiling and updating their list of academic business deans around the US as part of their marketing campaign. That was my first internship experience, and I was able to get great insight into the process of market research and data compilation. During my second year of college, I was part of a consulting project with Pitt Business, where alongside a team of other great individuals, I worked with a nonprofit in Cochabamba, Bolivia called CEOLI. Its mission is to help people with disabilities and promote their comprehensive education and integration into society. Over the spring semester, my team came up with a list of grants and recommended actionable steps to help them improve their financial status. Additionally, we also helped plan an art show for CEOLI to increase their presence in the US, and to generate revenue for their daily operations. Fast forward to this summer, I am going to be interning with an Australian company called Eat Me, and they specialize in making chutneys from rescued produce that would have otherwise been wasted in the supply chain. Its mission is to tackle the issue of food waste and fight against climate change. My role with the company would be as a marketing intern where I will be responsible for developing a sales pipeline for the distribution of its chutneys in markets across Australia.

I have chosen this program specifically because I believe this is a great opportunity to enhance my cultural competency and improve my communication skills across cultures. I am a firm believer that as businesses become more interconnected via the Internet, the ability to work globally is essential to excelling in the future. I aspire to learn about new cultures and diversify my understanding of the world through this program. At the same time, get professional experience in the field of business to improve my capabilities and value.