Getting the Global Mindset… From My Living Room — Haller Global Honors: Day 1

Hi! My name is Isabelle Layding, and I am a complete newcomer to blogging, the University of Pittsburgh, and the world itself.

This year, as we are all painfully aware, has taken away our ability to travel and gain a better sense of the world around us. As a Haller Fellow, I am taking on the challenge to broaden my horizons and gain a global perspective… from my living room?

Just as a quick introduction: I am an incoming Freshman in the College of Business Administration and the University Honors College. I will be pursuing a double major in Supply Chain Management (BSBA) and Economics (BS). Some things to know about me: I love to play volleyball, sing in choirs, and compete in trivia competitions! In the future, my goal is to work for packaged goods companies, preferably in the cosmetics or fashion industries.

Because of my status as an incoming CBA/Honors student, I was invited to participate in the Haller Global Honors Fellowship, which serves to help give incoming students a larger perspective on how businesses operate globally. I chose to participate in this program for this exact reason: in business, perspective is everything.

This year, the Haller Fellows are collaborating with the Southwark Pensioner’s Centre, a London-based nonprofit, and I am specifically working on the Fundraising team. My specific role on the team is as the liaison; in layman’s terms, I’m in charge of all outbound and inbound communication and scheduling for my team and making sure we are all on the same page. While communication seems like easy task, it is so much more. Not only is there a 5 hour time change and many schedules to work around, but I am also using my power as the communicator to influence those around me and make sure all of my teammates are getting their voices heard.

My goals with the Haller Fellowship are pretty straightforward: learn from those with a different perspective than me, make a few friends before school starts, and do something that matters to someone (and that can be put on a resume!). I am so grateful to Pitt Business and Pitt Honors for making this opportunity possible, and of course, to the generous Haller family for providing the scholarship which makes this program so accessible.

I hope this blog can help prospective students and others gain a sense of what this program is all about and possibly encourage others to apply in the future! H2P!