Starting the Journey! – Haller Fellowship Day 1

Hi! My name is Niral Bangha and I am an incoming Freshman student in the College of Business Administration as well as the University Honors College. I currently plan on pursuing a Finance major, however, I am looking forward to exploring the multitude of options that Pitt offers to hopefully find something that fulfills both my hunger for intellectual challenges as well as my innate inclination to give back and help people. I am from Phoenixville, PA, a suburb just outside of Philadelphia, where I attended Devon Prep. I am a passionate Philly sports fan (Eagles > Steelers) and I love to play soccer, but probably one of the core things that defines me is my fandom for the show Friends.

I am fortunate enough to be participating in the Haller Global Honors Fellowship, a program through which students are given the opportunity to explore the world of business by actually taking a look at business around the world. And this was the exact reason why I decided to take part in the fellowship. It is an incredible opportunity to gain real world global business experience and also to pick the brains of business professionals. It also goes without mentioning that this fellowship is a chance to meet like-minded peers and work as a team to provide a terrific end product.

This year, we have partnered with Southwark Pensioners Centre, a small charity in South London, whose mission is to provide a space for elder people to lead more independent and active lives together. As a group we had three areas to work on, Social Media and Marketing, Volunteering, and Fundraising. I decided to be a part of the team working on the Fundraising aspect, as I felt it was the team I could make the most impact on. My personal role as a part of the Fundraising team is the closer, which fundamentally means to tie together the research we conduct to the recommendations and ideas we present as our end product. It is my role to ensure that our final presentation is well supported with the real world examples that show our ideas’ effectiveness. Our team is off to a great start and it is an immense privilege to work with talented peers who immediately became passionate about this project, the same way I did.

We have only just begun, but our journey to explore the world of business is well and truly under way!