Consulting Day 1: Listening and Learning from 4,000 miles away

Hi! My name is Julianna Werner.  I am from the Pittsburgh area so I was extremely excited to be able to get out of the city, well kind of.  I am so excited to work with the Pitt Business programs to get everything I want and need in the next four years.  The Haller Honors Global Fellowship is my first opportunity to do that.  Also while at Pitt, I would like to continue and expand my current activities.  While in high school, I was involved in student government, business clubs, fashion club, debate, and volunteering.  I hope to translate that to the college level through clubs and organizations on campus.  I have played soccer for twelve plus years now and would love to continue that at the club level at Pitt.  Heading to Pitt in just a few weeks I am more focused than ever.  This is the start of my academic and professional career.  To me, grades and scores are important, but my interpersonal skills are where I shine.  I love talking to people and hearing different perspectives; for me, this is the best way to create open lines of communication and better understanding.  I look forward to meeting and collaborating with other students in the future, and for me, that starts right now.

With the Haller Honors Global Fellowship, we dove right in: meet the client and pick a team.  Teams were divided into three categories: Social Media and Marketing, Volunteers, and Fundraising.  Although I was drawn to all three for different reasons, I thought I could have the biggest impact on Team 1, Social Media and Marketing.  Although most of my credibility stems from being on my phone and social media for hours, the message they wanted to get across resonated with me.  They wanted to market their story of who they were and what they were,  they wanted to create a community where all were welcome to help or be helped by their organization.  I work with three other students on my team, each with their own title and role.  I am the liaison for my team.  In addition to the research, presentations, and data analyzing our entire team shares, I am in charge of all communications on behalf of my team.  I plan meetings, reach out for analytic reports, and create meeting summaries.  It is my responsibility to make sure my team has the right resources it needs to properly create a plan to present.  My team and I have just scratched the surface of what we can do for this nonprofit and what consulting really looks like.  I would not want this project to be any different.  

I chose the Haller Honors Global fellowship because as an undecided business student, I want to explore all avenues of business before declaring a major or pursuing a job.  I want to be able to say yes or no based on experience in doing that job.  I am beyond excited to continue this journey through this fellowship and carry my knowledge with me into Oakland in the coming weeks.