Embracing Perspectives: The Entrepreneur

There is a reason why successful entrepreneurs are often idolized as some of the most impressive people in the world. A successful entrepreneur is in command of a variety of valuable soft skills that can create huge opportunities when used in tandem; however, you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to see the value in them. No matter what position you are in professionally, academically, or even socially, understanding the mindset of an entrepreneur can play a big part in personal success.

So what are these skills? These are the big ones: initiative and self-reliance, future orientation, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration, comfort with risk, flexibility and adaptability, and opportunity recognition. Anyone with business experience should know the value of these skills. I’ve only been in the Haller fellowship for 4 days, and I have already used all of them! Take communication and collaboration for example. I am in a consulting group with 3 others. Our success so far has come from efficient communication of our ideas and research. Without communication there would be no structure to our project. Another great skill is opportunity recognition. Our group is researching the volunteer aspect of the SPC in London. I immediately recognized that schools could be a valuable resource of youth volunteers. Some people had their doubts, but with a few hours of research I had accumulated a list of schools who all encouraged student volunteering. The one skill I struggle with the most is comfort with risk. I always like to be in a safe and secure position, but the reality is a lot a great things can happen when risks are taken. This is something that I hope to work on and develop throughout the program and my life. It’s important to remember these skills aren’t exactly easy, and they require practice to master.

As I go through this program, I see the value of the entrepreneurial mindset more and more. It is something that I will continue to develop. With enough practice I will be able to command these skills which will lead to success and growth in the future.