Entrepreneurial Minds and Future Success

The entrepreneurial mindset sounds simple – look for opportunities and take advantage of them, no? But it is so much more than that. An entrepreneurial mindset covers a myriad of domains, including but not limited to: critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, critical thinking, and comfort with risk. 

And having an entrepreneurial mindset is not limited to entrepreneurs – we can all benefit from these ways of thinking. Whether initiative and self-reliance help you get good grades or adaptability makes you a competitive job applicant, the skills this mindset prioritizes can be helpful to all. 

So far in the Haller Fellowship, I have learned many things that have helped me to develop my entrepreneurial mindset. Dr. Jones’ explanations of SWOT analysis have taught me to spot the opportunity in every situation, as well as how to be able to communicate this to a client. Working with a team on this project has made me comfortable with collaboration. Serving as a consultant has forced me to practice my problem-solving skills as my group addresses our client’s needs. The short time span of the program has made me comfortable with risk, as it was necessary to jump right in and get to work. So far, the Haller Global Honors Fellowship has been an amazing opportunity to develop my entrepreneurial mindset and become a stronger worker and leader, both academically and professionally. I look forward to seeing what else I can learn over the remaining week of the program.