The Entrepreneurial Mindset: What It Is and Why We Need It

In order to succeed in business, it takes a certain kind of perspective, a certain mindset, if you will. As business students, we are taught to take initiative in the present while thinking about the future; be flexible without compromising our ideas; be creative, but back up your concepts with research. All of these thoughts, and so much more, are what make up the entrepreneurial mindset.

Though, these traits are not exclusive to entrepreneurs! These traits can help you to be successful as a student or in any number of professions. One of the cruxes of the Haller Fellowship is helping incoming freshman to get a jump-start on their development of the entrepreneurial mindset.

The main way we are doing this is by listening. Listening to our professors, experienced professionals, and career counselors to use their experiences and knowledge to try and figure out how to navigate this new situation. Part of the entrepreneurial mindset is being comfortable with risk, and there is nothing riskier than jumping off the deep end into the world of consulting. As students, we’ve shown initiative; we’ve reached out to clients, scheduled meetings, and asked more questions than one could count. We’ve shown creativity and innovation by coming up with big, bold ideas to rejuvenate the energy our clients once had, and just by applying for the Haller Global Honors Fellowship, we’ve shown opportunity recognition.

Learning this mindset will always be a work in progress, but even in the last few days, I’ve noticed a difference in the way I am approaching problems, and in the way I suggest new solutions. No matter what function of business you’re in, or even your general profession, everyone can benefit from learning and having the entrepreneurial mindset.