Reflecting on the Haller Global Honors Fellowship

Going into the Haller Fellowship, I was honestly expecting to essentially be lectured to for two weeks straight. I was not expecting to get such hands-on experience in my field, being thrown off the deep end, so to speak. But being forced to leave my comfort zone and jump into something new really challenged me and helped me grow. Professor Jones taught us how to present in a professional manner, which I am sure will be very useful during my time at Pitt. Additionally, the organizational and time management soft skills I acquired will be helpful both academically and in my professional future. Although presenting online posed an additional challenge, my team overcame our technological obstacles and still did our best in the end. I am proud of the work we did over the past two weeks and am confident that we have helped the SPC in a notable way. It was very rewarding hearing from the SPC after our presentation and seeing how grateful they were for the ideas we were providing them with. This has definitely been a great experience when it comes to my personal goal of trying new things, and it has certainly inspired me to look for more global opportunities while I am at Pitt.