The End to the Haller Global Honors Fellowship

Now that we have finished our final presentations, it is now time to reflect on my time in the Haller Global Honors Fellowship. Before I began the Fellowship, I did not have many expectations for the program. I assumed that it would mainly be lectures and time to work with my group. To my surprise, this Fellowship included much more: meetings with Pitt faculty and programs, practice presentations, and introductions to global companies. Professor Jones was able to teach me so much about business consulting and presentations, which was very useful for our final project. I know that the presentation skills and introduction to business consulting and SWOT analyses that I learned from this program will be helpful throughout my career at Pitt and in the future as well. 

As a quiet, introverted individual, this Fellowship has really pushed me outside of my comfort zone. Completing three long presentations is definitely a challenge for a shy person like myself, but I was driven to improve my presentation skills and feel like I have received some great experience from this program! At the end of our final presentation, the greatest reward was knowing that my group and I have greatly benefited the Southwark Pensioners Center through the information that we provided them. I hope that they are able to implement our recommendations to improve their organization!

Overall, I have had a lot of fun in this Fellowship and have been able to meet some really great people and peers. I cannot wait to start classes in the fall in Oakland! Hail to Pitt!