Time To Say Good-Bye and Thank You, Haller Fellowship

Wow! These past two weeks flew by. I could not recommend the Haller Global Honors Fellowship enough. My main reason for applying to the Fellowship was to jump-start my career as a Pitt Business and Honors student. It is safe to say that this program met that expectation and many more, not to mention I had so much fun!

Several essential skills are necessary when participating in a short-term, intensive program. The ones that stuck out to me were time management, focus, teamwork, and the ability to make at least 3 cups of coffee per day. Despite my need for caffeine, it was no challenge to stay engaged because I knew the information I was learning and the work I was doing was for a REAL goal that made a TRUE impact.

After presenting, our clients had nothing but positive things to say. We took some risks, but they all paid off. I learned that risk-taking and ambition are essential to apply in not only coursework but in everything. Everything I have taken away from these past two weeks is great, but my favorite is the feeling I had after finally receiving the client’s feedback. They were authentically grateful and fully intended to utilize our suggestions. It is also cool knowing that I made a difference to a small senior center 3,600 miles away. I logged out of our zoom presentation with my heart so full.

The Fellowship is far more than a class. It is a micro-internship, an orientation, a social opportunity, and more. Our program coordinator, Anthony Gomez, did a fantastic job organizing the workshops and company visits throughout the program. Each one made me more and more excited to be a Pitt student. My favorite workshop was the study abroad presentation by Hillary Koller. Her presentation reassured me that the path I want to take as a global management major is perfect for me. She also mentioned a book called “The Culture Map,” which I ordered on Amazon before she could switch the slide, and it will be here by tomorrow. 🙂

On the first day, I was nervous, not knowing if I had enough experience to be a consultant for an actual client. However, these last two weeks have proven that the only way to get the confidence I felt was lacking is by putting myself out there. If an opportunity is presented to you, it’s not by mistake; it means you are capable of embracing it. My goal to dive head-first into being a Haller Fellow has been met and now it is time to do the same on campus. There are t-minus 14 days until I check into Sutherland Hall, but I became a true Pitt student 14 days ago.

Thank you to the Haller Foundation for this opportunity and to Anthony Gomez, Professor Jones, my classmates, the Southwark Pensioners Center, and all of the guest presenters for making these past two weeks educational and enjoyable. I had a great time. H2P!