Thank You for the Experience, Haller Global Honors Fellowship

To say that these last two weeks were fruitful and exciting is an understatement. I have created friendships (both professional and personal) that I will take into my years at Pitt and my career. The Haller Global Honors Fellowship has presented me with global experiences that not many students have, and I am thankful.

Before the fellowship, I did not have many expectations, especially to the extent that the fellowship turned out to be. I figured that it would be meeting full days, not as hands-on, and lectures. I was wrong, to say the least. This fellowship was hands-on project work, meetings with the SPC from London, “Q&A’s” with Pitt Business professionals and local nonprofits, and meeting great people. These challenges and experiences helped me grow, especially in my preparations for my first year at Pitt. Utilizing conversational and consulting skills that I have learned, I look forward to asking questions in the classroom, meeting new people, and develop a close-knit community.

Learning from Professor Jones, Tony Gomez, and other Pitt individuals, the fellows truly learned to create a professional mindset and presentation (while being entertained). I think this experience will allow me to thoroughly choose my future path as a business professional. Through the fellowship, I have developed communication, interaction, and professional skills. By showing our presentations to many people, I have truly learned to relax and trust myself while presenting, especially when I know the research. Presenting and introducing myself to new people was the biggest push outside of my comfort zone, especially as a more introverted individual. Being pushed outside of my comfort zone was an incredible experience, and makes me think never to be comfortable with being comfortable.

I believe that my greatest reward through the fellowship was the professional experience that I have received and the friendships. I have completed a global experience, something that many cannot say they have done. I cannot wait to be in Oakland and meet (in person) the people in the fellowship. Throughout this fellowship, my personal goals have flourished into pushing myself outside of my comfort zone each time I am presented. I have realized, especially in business, that there will always be awkward and scary times but it is those scary times that help us grow!

I am thankful to be a Haller Global Honors Fellow, and I cannot wait to be in Oakland this upcoming semester. Hail to Pitt!