The End? Or Just a New Beginning?

At the beginning of the Haller Fellowship I was a little nervous. It was my first class in a few months and my first time meeting strangers in awhile. I had set goals for myself that included gaining experience, learning new information, and making connections. I am happy to say that I achieved all of these.

Through the Haller Fellowship I was exposed to real business practices. I gained experience on consulting and marketing, as well as presenting. By experiencing all of these different aspects of business I can better understand what I should move towards in the future. I’m uncertain about what major in business I want to dive deeper into but having this experience allows me to see what I like and don’t like.

I also learned a lot of new information during the program. There was a lot about non-profits that I did not know before the fellowship. The combined information I learned from both my research and the speaker presentations really opened my eyes to how non-profits function and what the need to be successful and grow. Not to mention, I learned new information about the University of Pittsburgh, its student organizations, and its international programs that will help me over the next 4 years.

Finally, I created new connections with a variety of different people throughout the program. I had the honor of working with Tony and Professor Ray who ran an amazing program and helped me transition from high school into college. I also created bonds with my project group-mates who did an amazing job at putting together our final presentations. Everyone I met in the program was so interesting and I look forward to meeting these people in person in the near future.

As I finish the Haller Global Honors Fellowship and turn my sights on the Fall 2021 semester, I take new connections, information, and memories with me. It was a great preview into life and education at Pitt, and I couldn’t be much happier than I am with the experience. While this is the end of my Haller experience, it is only the beginning of my journey at Pitt.