So Thankful: Haller Fellowship Final Reflection

And just like that, 2 weeks have passed. This program has been challenging, stressful (in a good way), informative but most importantly very, very rewarding. Going into the fellowship I mostly expected lectures from professors and time to be used for group work on our own, but it turned out to be the complete opposite. In this program we were guided, and all of the people we met expressed great interest to help us with our project. I expected to be pushed out of my comfort zone and I was, at the beginning it was hard to speak up but as I became more acclimated with my team, I was able to say whatever I felt. It was an essential skill for this program as everyone’s input matters.

There are a number of things that I believe I can apply to my future classes at Pitt, but I think the most important thing are those days that my group and I would stay on Zoom till 6 figuring out the best practices for our client. The days of extensive research and discussion was what I learned the most from. I am sure that this drive will be applied when I have challenging work to do at Pitt. 

In the end, the most rewarding aspect and my favorite part of the fellowship was the presentations, ironically. I was quite nervous and worried but it went extremely well in the end. Hearing the clients feedback after the presentations that contained nothing but good things felt so good. It not only validated our research and hard work, but it felt like a pat on the back saying we had done well. And that feeling makes all of the time spent worth it.

Overall, I am so grateful for the opportunity and all of the people who spoke to us and lectured us throughout the fellowship. And of course I am so proud to be a Haller Fellow! This program was a great insight into what college is going to be like, now I can’t wait to start classes in the fall! Hail to Pitt!