The End.. [Haller Blog 4]

Wow! The past two weeks have absolutely sped by but we have finally reached the end of the Haller Global Honors Fellowship. So much was jam packed into these two weeks but it was absolutely worth it.

Being from Las Vegas, I am 3 hours behind the University of Pittsburgh. Attending the fellowship from 9am-5pm everyday really meant 6am-2pm for me! The early mornings absolutely sucked, but already, I know that’s one way I’ve learned to understand global understanding in the workplace. While I am only 3 hours behind Pittsburgh, we were working with our client, the Southwark Pensioner’s Centre, based in London. Meeting with our client throughout the consulting project meant trying to find an appropriate time to schedule despite the 5 hour difference from Pittsburgh, and 8 hour difference from myself!

When I started the fellowship, I knew that this was an opportunity for myself to get acquainted with the College of Business Administration and start that transition into college academia. I feel confident in saying I am definitely more prepared to start my freshman year of college. With the last year and a half of virtual learning, this is the first time in a long time I’ve had the opportunity to work with other motivated individuals on a project and I know the rest of my time at Pitt, no matter where I am, will be surrounded by other motivated individuals ready to succeed. I didn’t know much about business beforehand but through various workshops and our work on our final presentation, I already have a good understanding of some concepts such as SWOT analysis and Client-Centered Research.

Outside of the consulting project, we also had the opportunity to speak with different organizations both in and outside of Pitt. Our sessions with the Pitt Global Hub and Pitt Business Global Experiences have only furthered my excitement to participate in future global experiential learning like this. My favorite company visit was our session with the Pittsburgh Hispanic Development Corporation, in which we learned a lot about entrepreneurship and supporting entrepreneurship in your local community.

I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to be a 2021 Haller Global Honors Fellow. Can’t wait to be in Pittsburgh soon!