Departing to Dublin

Hello! My name is Sydney Kelley, and I am a rising Junior at Pitt studying Economics and Political Science in the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences. I’m also pursuing a minor in history and a certificate in Global Health, with aspirations to attend law school after graduation. I’m passionate about politics and civic engagement, and I really enjoy getting involved in political campaigns. After law school, I’d like to work somewhere in the intersection between law and policy work.

I came to Pittsburgh my Freshman year from my hometown of Ellicott City, Maryland, and I absolutely love the campus and the city. Pittsburgh is such a lively and friendly city, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the area over the past two years. On campus, I’m involved in Mock Trial as the Business Manager and Women in Economics as the Vice President. I’m also involved in Phi Alpha Delta (pre-law professional fraternity), and I’m an Honors College Ambassador. I’ve loved being a part of these organizations–I’ve learned so much from them and met so many amazing people. Outside of school, I love going on walks and hikes, listening to music (and talking about it incessantly), and exploring local coffee shops in search of the best chai lattes (this will be objective number one abroad…).

This Summer, I will be participating in the International Internship Program in Dublin, Ireland! This program involves eight weeks of full-time work in a given internship, which provides extensive career experience while gaining a true taste of an Irish lifestyle. I chose this program because it offers such an immersive experience into the life and culture in Ireland, while providing meaningful career preparation. 

Irish history in particular has caught my attention through several classes I’ve taken, including Nationalism and the History of Modern Ireland. Ireland offers such unique cultural and political histories, and I am so excited to explore all Ireland has to offer. Perhaps it was academic curiosity that sparked my interest in studying abroad in Ireland, or perhaps it was reading one too many Sally Rooney novels last Summer. Regardless, I am so excited to embark on this trip for personal, professional, and academic betterment!

This Summer, I’m looking forward to meeting new people through this program. I’m excited to engage with my cohort of Pitt students, other international students, and locals of the area. Unique opportunities like this lend themselves to forging meaningful, long-lasting relationships because of shared experiences.

On a professional level, I’m looking forward to my experience working full-time in a law firm. This will give me direct exposure working in the field I’m interested in pursuing. I’m interested in narrowing my focus on the type of law I’d like to pursue, and this opportunity will give me the chance to explore various sectors of the field of law. The firm that I’ve been matched with practices both civil and criminal law, so there will be different cases that may help me understand which areas of law I’d like to explore further. I’m also excited to compare my experience at an Irish law firm to different American law firms I’ve worked in. I’m sure there will be some unexpected similarities and differences, and I’m curious to see what they will be.

Academically, I believe this internship will enhance my understanding of the material I’m learning about in classes. In my Political Science classes, I’ll have a deeper understanding of international affairs. I’m also pursuing a History minor with a concentration in European History, and this Summer will be fundamental in providing context and lived experiences in Europe. I haven’t been back to Europe since I lived in Germany when I was younger, and I have been longing to go back since. 

I really appreciate Pitt’s emphasis on experiential learning and their commitment to providing immersive experiences at the collegiate level. I’m so excited for the work I’ll be doing, the people I’ll be spending time with, and the places I’ll explore this Summer, and I look forward to coming back to Pittsburgh and applying what I’ve learned abroad to future courses, internships, and experiences. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I can not wait to go.

I’ll be flying to Dublin a week early to get acclimated to the city in advance of starting the program, so I am traveling to Ireland tomorrow! I am absolutely thrilled to go, and I can not wait for the program to start. I look forward to writing my next post from across the pond!