Cheers, London!

Hello! My name is Mary Omer and I am participating in the Summer 2022 London Global Business Institute: International Business Issues program. 

I am a rising third year studying Accounting and Finance on the 3 + 1 BSBA MAcc track. On campus, I am a member of Beta Alpha Psi and Women in Business, as well as a Peer Mentor for the Office of Disabilities Resources and Services and a liaison on the Student Government Board Allocations committee. I love to be involved in my community and am hoping to bring that community feeling from Pittsburgh to London this summer.

Previously known as the GBI: International Accounting Issues program, this study abroad program was a large part of why I chose Pitt. This program is very special for accounting majors as we have the opportunity to take the Survey of International Business Issues and the City of London course, this year taught by Pitt Professor Shannon Garavaglia. This course provides the unique opportunity to focus on accounting and general business issues, logistics, and topics at an international level. In addition, we are able to visit a different site each week, learning more about accounting and finance related businesses in the UK. These opportunities are very unique and will surely enhance my accounting knowledge and global competency.

Since we have arrived, we have been able to do some great exploring with CAPA. I have attached a picture from our trip to Stonehenge which was a great end to our first full week here. I am very excited to continue exploring London and all of its awesome people and places.

In addition to Stonehenge, we had our first site visit for our class on Wednesday. We toured the Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon London office. Two professional panels hosted us, discussing BNY Mellon’s role as an investment bank, the different career paths of finance, and how BNY Mellon differs from an American perspective to a European perspective. They also fielded our questions about the impact of COVID on an investment bank in terms of a recession as well as a client based business.

I am most looking forward to the continued experiences in the course mentioned above, as well as the Global Internship I am completing. Although I had a small internship in my hometown pre-COVID, this is my first real internship applicable to my future career. I am very excited to take this experience with me to my internship at EY next summer. 

My internship this summer is at a local accounting firm called Green and Peter. This internship serves as “accountants for creatives.” During my first week alone, I was introduced to bank reconciliations, VAT returns, and payroll for small businesses. This experience has already been very rewarding learning all of these new things. 

My goals primarily exist around professional development: I want to grow in communication, cultural awareness, time management, independency, and analytical skills. I am extremely confident that this program will allow me to grow immensely in each of these skills.