First Week in a Foreign Country

I experienced mostly excitement upon my arrival in the UK, but was understandably met with certain anxieties about this upcoming trip abroad. Firstly, I had never found myself in any sort of legitimate office setting with experienced colleagues and a litany of assignments to be completed in a short amount of time. Though these anxieties largely subsided after my first full work day, I still feel as though I have a massive learning curve to overcome, one which can only be conquered through time and knowledge attained from more experienced coworkers.

I was quite in the dark about what sort of duties my work might require, which certainly did not help my initial nervousness when beginning my internship. I soon gained my orientation in the office setting and used my ability to “lock it in” to complete tasks and ensure the job was done correctly. I quickly realized that there really was nothing to be nervous about. Nearly everybody in the CAPA program was in the same boat as me, something that became very apparent during orientation and the first week of classes. I knew that as long as I fully applied myself, I would be just fine and exceed satisfactory work. The main thing to keep in mind was to be open to input and adjustments.

Besides simply time and experience, I noticed that travel and regional familiarity has incredulously assisted my assimilation into London. In just nine short days in this country, I have seen and experienced numerous sights and attractions that have helped me to get my bearing in this country. Particularly, perusing the downtown area of London, seeing the massive, mesmerizing points of interest, and partaking in the program-organized trips have allowed me to appreciate the beauty and differences of this country. Even going to local pubs and bars and witnessing local culture and conversation have been indispensable in creating a sense of comfortability. While traveling and interacting with locals and non-locals alike, I have realized that the culture shock simply isn’t as drastic as I might have imagined. People are friendly, welcoming even, and I get the sense that my presence, whether in the office or any other social setting, is valued.

Some things I am looking forward to include witnessing the culmination of my work project, gaining valuable hard and soft professional skills from CAPA courses, and simply traveling more. While at work, my main obligation is to ensure the smooth running of the upcoming Careers and Jobs Fair organized by my company, LMP Action. I am eager to learn the ins and outs of a corporate setting and familiarize myself with commonplace marketing and communication techniques, of which I believe myself to have a much firmer grasp. Pertaining to CAPA courses, I can already tell how influential the skills and opportunities I am presented will be to building my brand, so long as I take advantage of them. As far as traveling goes, I am looking forward to experiencing not only more of the UK, but surrounding European countries as well. Because Covid left us all landlocked for the better part of two years, I have developed an itch to get out and absorb as much of the world as possible.

In conclusion, I have been extremely pleased with my first week here in London, and am nothing short of prepared for the remainder. This warm environment has more than eased my apprehensions about the program, and excitement remains my dominant emotion for the foreseeable weeks.