First week in London

This first week in London has been a great one. I arrived bright and early in the morning. Sleep deprived, Tate and I made it through customs where the passport and visa related anxiety finally came to an end. We arrived to our apartment on Alie street and are assigned to the top floor with many stairs between us and the ground, which is certainly something to get used too. We really tried that first day to not sleep, attempting to put off the jet lag as much as we could. To do this we went down the street for lunch where I had my first legal drink here in the UK, a cask ale. It was weird drinking beer that wasn’t carbonated but cool being able to drink in a pub. After that I saw my first big London attraction of the trip, the tower bridge. It is very cool but I still might get it confused and call it the London bridge. After making it past the first day without sleeping we got a good rest and went on our guided tour of the area and the city. This is where I learned the difference between the London bridge and the tower bridge. The London bridge was quite a disappointment and I have no idea why anyone ever made a song about it. The first weekend also included football on Sunday as it was championship Sunday. My team Liverpool won but they didn’t manage to win the premier league as Manchester City won as well. After getting a weekend to explore the city and watch football I had to begin my internship.

I began on Monday the 23rd and my first impressions are positive. The people are very cool and very chill as well. Unfortunately I do not have a direct supervisor right on top of me in the accounts department but the managing director Sarah and CEO Tony are both taking me under their wing. They have been showing me the ropes of the Sage accounting software that they use and I have learned how to add a new customer as well as create invoices this week. There is not much volume that goes through to deal with to invoices and accounts are not very hard and I have been focusing more on other projects. One this week that was outside of my comfort zone but interesting was helping to redesign their website. Tony, our CEO is also the founder of another company “All officials” and I was helping to make a section of their website relating to coupons being created. It was a confusing task but I accomplished it well and the new design of that section of the website it so much more efficient and effective. I will be sure to attach a copy of the website once it is completed. Tony has a lot that he is trying to accomplish for the mission of the charity and although it is hard to keep track and on top of everything it is certainly inspiring and I want to help achieve our missions.