July 26, 2022- Music and Major

I work best with no music and no distraction in general. The thing that keeps my focus while studying or working on a paper is usually my fascination or interest with the topic on hand. When I am more interested in what I am working on I tend to keep my focus better than something I am not interested in or don’t enjoy doing. As an undergraduate I am very interested in studying the basics of business at the heart of a company and also how business is done across different countries. The second part is a big reason why I am doing this program and why I am interested in the Global Management Major/International Business certificate. 

I would personally be lying if I didn’t say high paying and high status jobs were not part of the reason I chose business as my desired path. Another reason why I chose this is my interest in what my dad does as a CEO of a company where the head of the company is directed in Italy. The travel and relations he deals with are very interesting and enjoyable to learn about and just in general follow. I also love to learn in general.  I took classes in high school that allowed me to learn the most information possible. This is part of the reason I would shy away from business classes because they were taught at a very low level and didn’t provide much depth. Instead I went in depth with AP sciences such as Chemistry and Physics 1 and 2. I don’t think the intellectual pursuit will be lost even through the pursuit of gaining those jobs. 

I think the best way to focus on intellectual development opposed to grades and pursuit of monetary value is through applying the information to real life situations instead of just writing it down and memorizing it for a test. Another way I can attempt to take on intellectual challenges is through different internships and programs that put me out of my comfort zone or teach me brand new information where all my attention is placed towards that. All of the new opportunities and experiences will help me build upon what I learn here in the next four years of undergraduate study. I won’t be in the classroom copying down notes but instead applying these concepts into the real world and learning from them.