Blog Post – Why Business? (7/26/22)

When I reflect on the factors which get me in the “zone” and help me work the most efficiently and produce the best work, music is the first factor which comes to my mind. Music has always been a prominent part of my life whether i’m relaxing, working out or even writing a paper. Music helps calm me down and gives me a boost of motivation when tasks can feel repetitive. Some types of music I enjoy listening to when studying is lofi beats, throwback songs (2000’s songs), r&b, rap or edm. Clearly, I listen to varying types of music depending on the task or how I’m feeling in that giving moment. As a business major, I am looking forward to studying different types of business models and understanding the different marketing strategies that businesses utilize in order to maximize financial outcome. In addition, the business development of companies is fascinating and I look forward to learning more about how to analyze companies while learning how to work in consulting projects.

There is a stigma often times associated with business majors. This is that business majors don’t like to put in a lot of time doing work and only get into the major for the lucrative starting salaries. Personally, both my parents have worked in business their whole lives and I have had numerous conversations with them about what they do and where I see myself fitting in. My mom worked in retail working for companies like the Gap, Brooks Brothers and Total Wine and More. My dad worked in finance at a financial services company Macquarie and a hedge fund company called AQR. As Iv’e learned more and more about what both my parents have accomplished at these companies, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to major in business. As i’m in the midst of this program, I can say that learning all the details about businesses and the tools to help make intelligent business decisions has really intrigued me. Furthermore, I am looking forward to majoring in marketing and finance with a certificate in leadership and ethics.

I anticipate being able to take advantage of opportunities for intellectual challenge in my personal/professional development through engaging in my classes, taking extra-circulars seriously and using the resources Pitt Business has to offer. Firstly, by engaging in my classes I mean trying to actually understand the materiel rather than just trying to get a letter grade. I believe that by engaging in the materiel and thinking about how it will be applicable to my future, I will actually make the most of my time in college. As a business student, I like to think of ROI and by engaging in the classes I’m paying for, I’m setting myself up to succeed in the future. With that being said, by really understanding the materiel I will be more prepared for actually working with companies in the future.