First Sip Brew Box

One benefit of the subscription model for First Sip Brew Box is that it offers the company a steady stream of revenue. The company can utilize a steady stream of revenue to more easily estimate future financial gains and discover how to raise profits. Alongside their subscription model, First Sip Brew Box also offers a one-time purchase offer. This is a good idea because it will allow the company to acquire customers that want to test out its service first or individuals who do not have a need for multiple boxes. A limitation of the company’s subscription model is the increasing competition in the subscription box industry. Over the Coronavirus especially, subscription boxes became much more popular. There are now many different kinds of subscription boxes, including other ones involving alcohol. This may make expanding First Sip Brew Box to other regions difficult.

The company’s social mission to support small business, minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses creates opportunities because it makes for a clearer process of finding possible breweries to form partnerships with. One challenge with the company’s social missions is that in order to form partnerships with majority small businesses, minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses, it may force the company to partner with companies that are not in nearby regions. As a result, there would be a higher shipping price that would have to be accounted for.

Based on my major, Global Management, I would be interested in doing an “unpaid” internship with a non-profit organization that deals with abroad social problems. Companies, such as Global Links, that discover a need for something in one place that is completely disregarded in another place is a practice that greatly interests me. I would love to learn more about the international factors that make operations like Global Links challenging and rewarding.