The End of an Era

It makes me incredibly sad that the summer in Paris has come to an end. I have had an absolute blast working, learning the language, discovering the city/country, and making unforgettable memories and relationships with the locals. In addition to that, it has been a summer that has been filled with both personal and professional growth that I did not expect to notice on this level. I am excited to tell my dear readers all the things that I have learned during these two months, so buckle up because there will be a lot to unpack!

Personally, I was a little scared to travel, live, and work in a foreign country independently. Even though, I knew there would be other students from Pitt and the U.S that would be sharing the same experience as me, I still felt nervous and alone. Once I got to Paris, fortunately, I knew that I had to set my anxiety to the side so I could try to feel as comfortable as possible in a completely new environment. In other words, I knew that I had to push myself to establish a good relationship with the French locals as much as possible of which I did! For example, during my time here I became very good friends with my host family’s daughter whom I would have extremely interesting conversations with that would last hours. This was perfect for not only learning the French language, but also for opening my mind to other opinions and beliefs. Additionally, I made friends with my fellow colleagues who made the work less daunting. I knew that I had help from the people around me in Paris–at home and at work! Leaving the comfort of both my friends and family back home, taught me the importance of adaptability and independence of which I am grateful for. I would not have met these incredible people if it was not for my decision to live in Paris for the summer and become friends with the locals to help ease the shock of a new environment.

As a professional, I can confidently say that I learned many important skills during these past two months at Radio RCJ. I was placed in many challenging situations where I was encouraged to learn the skills independently with little to no help from my colleagues and boss. For example, I learned how to write a proper radio news script. The other day my boss explained to me the difference between radio and regular news scripts. She mentioned that in radio, journalists need to maintain simple and concise sentences so it can be easier for listeners to understand. That is, listeners do not have the opportunity to reread sentences so that is why delivering news in the simplest way possible is important. I also learned about reporting and how it is done as well as how a montage is created of a report–which required a significant amount of knowledge of technical skills. On top of of that I was challenged to complete all of my assignment and obtain skills while speaking the French language. I believe that this international internship experience at Radio RCJ has been the most fulfilling work experience I have ever had!

It is extremely hard to sum up my international internship experience in Paris in just a couple of paragraphs, but what I have mentioned so far about venturing outside of my comfort zone, establishing strong relationships with the locals, as well as working in a foreign country has got to be what I will remember most about this experience. I am very proud of myself for fulfilling this international internship opportunity because I think I grew as both as a person and professional. Fortunately, I also got the opportunity to understand more clearly about what I want to do in the near future. That is, I definitely see myself working in Europe as an international journalist. You see, before, I would mention this to people with only a little bit of confidence, but after this internship at Radio RCJ in Paris, I can say with full confidence that I would like to pursue international journalism in Europe! Even my boss Sandrine agreed with me that she also sees me becoming a international journalist.

With all of that said, I would like to thank Pitt and the EUSA team for helping me with this process. I think I greatly benefitted from this experience and am confident about what I would like to do in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you!