The Impact of Irish History

I am interested in learning more about the division of Ireland into Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland. During the Protestant Reformation, many European powers turned their backs on the Roman Catholic church and engaged in Protestantism, including England. Since Ireland was a papel possession of England, the future of its religious faith was unknown. However, the majority of Ireland remained mostly Catholic.

Northern Ireland was created in the 1920’s. The people that lived in the northern counties wanted to remain part of the United Kingdom. They were Protestants that were loyal to the Church of England. The majority of the Irish population in The Republic of Ireland are Catholic. There was lot of violence all over Ireland and even in England ever since. Fighting between Catholics and protestants.

I am curious to see how people who live in Dublin view the events of their past. I would like to understand more about Dublin’s current interactions with England and Northern Ireland. I know there is not as much security on the border between the two countries, so I am curious as to how much travel goes on between the two countries and their current state of economic trade.