Last Day in Pittsburgh- Haller Global Honors

My professional development takeaway from my time in Pittsburgh is learning how to network at various site visits. Asking for emails, LinkedIn connections, and setting up zoom appointments are all ways to build rapport and relationships with people. Everyone was willing and happy to work with us at all of our site visits, including First Sip, Blanket & Board, and Global Links. I look forward to building these relationships and am interested in having an internship at one of these organizations. Also, I learned that the Pitt Business community is very interconnected. Discussing opportunities with any faculty member can either answer a question or point one in the right direction. I am excited to ask more questions and grow in business experience at Pitt in the Fall. 

My key personal development takeaway from the Pittsburgh part of the course is to always ask questions. No question is stupid, as professors and academic advisors want all students to ask as many questions as possible. Once I realized this, I felt more confident in and outside the classroom. This helped my approach to my classwork and the group consulting project for Dublin. I look forward to putting my new skills to the test in Dublin and presenting the best work we can curate for Doorder. (I was also happy to take this picture of Downtown Pittsburgh, as I enjoy photography).

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