Takeaways – Pittsburgh – 07.31.2022

In two weeks, I’ve managed to put together a substantial list of contacts, and I can say with confidence that my level of engagement in my professional life has increased dramatically. Simply being exposed to professional environments and having the opportunity to speak face-to-face with people heading up entire organizations propels me in a positive direction of professional and intellectual growth.

My most important connection, as things currently stand, has been Ms. Kathleen Foody-Malus, the financial investment Executive in Residence for the CBA. I met with her again after we all met together as a group. She’s been an energizing, thought-provoking mind off of which I’ve been able to bounce various ideas. I also really appreciate getting to visit First Sip Studios and Blanket and Board. I would be excited to work with either organization next year. Of course, I’m not tying myself to that statement. Simply, I’d be happy to push myself in those environments, if that were to become my path.

Personally, on a social level, I’m really happy to have made all of these connections with staff and faculty and even peers. I’ll be with my classmates for another two weeks, still, but the bonds we’ve made in Pittsburgh have been really powerful. I’ve tested myself, my opinions, my behaviors. I’ve been exposed to new personalities and thought processes, and I’ve readjusted to existing with a new sort of family. The experience has been and will continue to be invariably impactful. I can not stress enough how grateful I am to have had this experience prior to the beginning of my first semester. I’m already a thousand feet up the mountain, and I have all the people here around me to thank for that.