Pittsburgh Takeaways

Professional Development Takeaway 

Throughout my 2 weeks in Pittsburgh, I was inspired by the work of every individual and organization that we visited. I learned about the concept of social entrepreneurship, a field that I did not know existed, through discussion with Leigh Solomon Pugliano, founder of the Equity | Impact Center, and developed a strong interest in this type of work. I learned about nonprofit organizations through a Global Links site visit and developed a greater understanding of the life changing effects that nonprofits have on communities from all over the world. By exploring the structure of a variety of small businesses in the Pittsburgh area, I learned that I want to work in an environment like the atmosphere of First Sip Brew Box, in which a group of passionate and intelligent individuals come together to develop a successful brand.  

Personal Development Takeaway 

From the Pittsburgh portion of this course, I have gained an invaluable sense of self confidence simply because I have lived on my own for the first time in my life. The independence of college life and my ability to thrive in this atmosphere gives me assurance that I will be happy in college. Knowing this before starting my first semester sets me up for success in future personal and professional development throughout my next 4 years at Pitt.