Personal and Professional “Takeaways” From Pittsburgh

One of my professional takeaways from the Pittsburgh part of the Haller program is that I feel much more prepared and informed for my next four years of college at Pitt. I am excited to explore the idea of doing Leadership in the Himalayas or another abroad program, during May at the end of this year. I am also going to look into the consulting academy because of the coursework that we have done so far. Additionally, I am certainly going to go to the career fair due to many students and staff recommending it. I am so going to remember all the site visits that we have done when it comes time to think about an internship, especially Global Links.

I feel much more informed on how to interact with other professionals during things like site visits and internships. I also loved the visit to First Sip Brew Box for many reasons including the many Pitt student interns who gave us advice on the upcoming four years. One piece of advice that I am going to follow is to join a professional fraternity because of the connections it can give you.