DoOrder- Investor Meeting


For a person providing substantial financial backing to Doorder, I believe that Justins’ insight will help both teams, especially the business development team. Becky told us that he has been involved in many start-ups, so he will know if Doorder is ready to expand outside of Dublin or if something needs to be accomplished before this happens. Also, his experience in start-ups and living in Ireland could help me personally, as he could detail successful retailers or some he has worked with in the past. Hopefully, he could describe the history of Doorder and the success the organization has made since his initial investment. This will show me the growth that Doorder has had and the company’s willingness to take risks. The investor could potentially challenge the Tik Tok part of our strategy. Social Media and Tik Tok are well-known platforms, but it could be hard for a delivery service to gain popularity. The investor may be more interested in measuring competitor success, analyzing retailers, and providing Doorder with a best practices model. All being said, I hope the investor surprises me as this is another excellent opportunity this program has afforded me.